Let’s Get This Party Started!

So, day one of my adventure into blogging. Things are crazy right now with parent conferences, but I wanted to put two entries into the “Kids say the darndest things” category.

After taking the kids to the dentist this morning (we drive an hour to go to the COOLEST pediatric dentist), I treated the kids to McDs for breakfast (an infrequent treat by mom, to be sure.) Now, you should know that while not “overly political” with my kids, they are aware that there is an election going on and that their father and I have very different political views. Other than that, I try not to influence them. I want them to think for themselves and come to their own conclusions (or at least the conclusions they can come to being ages nine and seven.)

Having said that, as I was listening to them chat over their bleached flour english muffins and pancakes drizzled with (I’m sure) imitation maple syrup, I was struck by the innocence of this question:

B: “Mom, I don’t get it. If Obama is still president, why can’t he just vote Romney off?”

(For the record, they have NEVER watched any reality tv – neither have I, for that matter. But oh, if it were only that easy…)

Later on that evening, as I was snuggling with A, watching the Ohio coverage and listening to the commentators explain why demographics were important, I got this:

A: “I thought being a ‘senior’ meant you were a good student in college, not some old guy in his sixtes.”

Classic. 🙂

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